Public Transportation in Surabaya



Surabaya is the seccond largest city in indoenesia after Jakarta. As industrial city surabaya have the hot weather which caused by industrial waste , beside that the air polution caused by public transportation make more unconfortable to human live. but if compere with another city in the world like Tokyo, new york, sanghai, and hongkong, surabaya is more conforteble.but if compere the public service in the middle unconfortable atmosfare Tokyo, New york and Hongkong is the best. for example from the public transportation.

altought surabaya is more confortable from another city that called in firs paragraf, but the public transportation service is very bed, i’m one of a million costumer who used this service. i’m a student in ITS surabaya, one of fomause collage in my country. i usuallygo home one time every 2 week, and i know clearly what are public transportation work?, as a costumer i think our goverment especially transportation ministry should know what happend in the real public transportation. the public transportation service is very bed, for example is WK vehycle, it’s the public transportation that i usualy used when i go home and back at surabaya. like another public service in surabaya, they are consider us like goods, so the WK vehycle whicgh transportation with capacity 12 people must bring 17 people, in eddition to the driver and broker won’t go drove the WK vehycle if the costumer is not 17 people. i think it’s very dramatical and ironic, the indonesian people whom very fomause in the world with kind attitude doing something like that. and it’s happend in all part of surabaya, and consider of my prediction it’s happend in all part of indonesia. and several times ago when i back to surabaya, the driver left me caused nothing costumer left except me. so he ask me to go down from vehycle. it’s very ironic incident. so i must stop another vehycle to continuing my journy back to surabaya(keputih). i don’t know whats wrong with people in my city, but one thing that make me belive that our country never increass if our citizen hahe attitude like this. if i;m compare whit Tokyo and Hongkong i fell embrassed and engry why like this????, as public service we should be friendly and think that confortable our costumer is nomer one, but it’s reverse money is nomber one. so something wrong like this become usual event. so the using public transportation make human life more unconfortable.

i think our goverment should be make some rules to control this situation, so somthing like that never happend, for example:

  1. police should be help goverment to check the public transportation when they are begin to start
  2. give illumination for public service to make best service for costumer
  3. our govermnet should be handle the public transportation operation, so if the driver didn’t get enougt costumer, they can get sally from goverment, altough small enougth.
  4. the goverment should make track for publict transportation so the transportation become smooth, and its means we reduce polution.
  5. Give information to costumer that if the public transportation didn’t obey this rule, they can give information via message or telephone.

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