We are one of teacher product , right?, so do I. I have been working on one of famous electronic company in the world. In interval of my work, I trying think for a while, think about my childhood till now. It seem like yesterday I was playing “gobak sodor” (one of popular games at my school), my friends and I use white and red uniform, and run around of school yard, we are laugh together J so sweet. I was growing, I am not child anymore. Teacher won’t  angry to me again because I did not do my homework, but  I am missing it, missing this voice for sure.  I am continuing my daydream, and try to understanding what is my teachers ware touch on me?, what is they want?, and I already understand, they love us exactly. They was spent most of their time a day just to meet us and say “ good morning my lovely student”, they was teaching sing a song, reading a book, writing on paper, and many others,  even they have a child whose they have to teach too, but our teacher never complaint , they really great. Sometimes they get angry to us, but this was built  our attitude. We become more discipline and patient, and we never realize it when they angry to us. Our teachers have big wish to us, the hope we become a kind people, help each other, and useful for our nation someday. So they always hard work for it. We have to confess that everything that we have been reached because  of teacher merit. Are you  realize that teacher always take attention to us?, they make a note for all of our progression, even just a little, and feel happy can inform this changes to our parent, they care on us and never have an idea hurt us for sure, our teacher really great, don’t you?.

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 Our teacher always support us , even we did not finish  our homework, they willing get angry from a headmaster only want help us, our mark exactly, so all of as can rise to next class. Teacher only ordinary man or women, but they are really great.  If comparing our salary, may be they are is nothing, but they still hefty on their ways, give us education everyday.  Do you ever imagine about president? Number one person in our country, he is one of teachers product, but in fact teacher still on low level, without appreciation.  Everyday teacher produce new candidate of president  that we was choose 1 time in 5 years in election event. Not only president, teacher produce another such as doctor, engineer, professor, police, ministry and all of great people that sit on government. They are awesome, don’t you?

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 . in this day 25 November 2010, I just want say thanks for all of teachers in in Indonesia, and in the world (in elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools, in university for sure). Happy teachers day”, I might be never become like now without your sacrifice, without your love, that always accompany my live up to now. Thanks you so much for everything and I want ask an apology  for all of my mistake for all of my mistake, I know I was make most of you hurt, and disappointment with me, but you are still be patient. I’m sorry I can’t  say this word on all of you directly, but I hope by this latter, you can understand me felling, and I hope I can fulfill  you dream “ become people like you someday” . I hope you are not give up to produce new generation in this country, the complicated country that just give you a little appreciation.



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